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Speaking of Women . . .

April 14, 2013  •  5 Comments

Come on in! Yesterday I photographed over 136 women. One hundred thirty six who signed the guest list - that doesn't include the Hanover College Football players or the Speaking of Women's Health Event Staff for this fabulous event at Ivy Tech, or my friend David who works in the building and is a good enough sport to come on in and be photographed in my photo booth! I began at 7:30 in the morning and wasn't all packed up and ready to go until after 3 o'clock that afternoon.  Phew! I was worn out last night!

But what a fantastic day! Why tell you all this? Because I am still enjoying the great energy that flowed through my room all day.  I can't tell you how many times I heard the claim that the camera would break if I took her picture, or how fat she is, or how bad her hair looks, or how many wrinkles or double chins she has.  But more times than that, I heard words of love and encouragement from her friend/daughter/mother who said, "Nonsense! You look fabulous!"  And that is what it was all about!

Every woman who sat in front of my camera was gorgeous because the joy of having a day out for herself, pampering herself and learning more about how to care for herself, was evident. These ladies were out for a day of fun and relaxation for themselves! Fun hats and feather boas and wacky sunglasses were just the outward expressions of how far they wanted to let themselves go.  Just for today - be silly. Just for today, have fun in front of the camera, with no worries about all the physical "flaws" we imagine we see in ourselves. Just for today - love being right here in this moment. Laughing with people we love because we are with them, having a blast. No worries.  And that's contagious!

I heard laughter in the hallway. The ladies in the room with me were having fun dressing up. Later in the day I heard a few comments about being able to smell someone else's perfume on the boas - how wonderful is that?! Not only the positive energy remained, but lingering scents filled the room, as well! It was a day to rejuvenate, and that we did!

I feel "blessed" - and that is not a word I use lightly. I had the help of a friend starting a new business and she worked as hard for me as she did for her new venture! She corraled folks from the hallway, captured email addresses, and encouraged their adventurous adornments, all as she made sure they signed up for her business' gift basket.  She enjoyed herself as much as the rest of us, and I hope her Fantasia Home Party business takes off.  She sure was introduced to plenty of potential customers!

As I face the task of editing and upoading, I look forward to seeing each smiling face again. I will remember the fun we had. I will remember comments you made. I will remember - even if I don't remember your name! - because every one of you is an individual and you showed me a part of yourself to share with the world.  And you will always be glad you did. Mom, whose daughter had to cajole you into joining her in the shot - you and she will both treasure that image. Friends who came together, who share every day together, posed together in order to have a souvenir of another adventure shared.  Co-workers who sat together - your jobs may change one day, but you will always remember the fun you had on this day. In this moment. Thank you for allowing me to capture your smiles. It was my pleasure! I know you are going to enjoy seeing what we captured - I wish I could be in the room when you all open the folder so I could hear that laughter again!

Keep smiling - you look so pretty!



Kathy Ayers(non-registered)
Stephanie, as one of the organizers of this awesome event, I want to thank you for capturing in words (as well as pictures) the wonderful day all the ladies celebrated! We appreciate your part in making this a memorable day -- hopefully next year you will have ALL the participants get their picture taken -- they'll never get that day back -- but with a picture they can be reminded how fabulous it was!
Brooks Drake(non-registered)
An outstanding presentation. Very well done, Stephanie!
Fern 'Trouble' Sexton(non-registered)
Steph! Your blog is awesome and you were just great on Saturday. What a blast! I loved reading your blog; the atmosphere on Saturday was 'right on'. I'm ready for next year. Thanks so much for being there & taking such 'NICE SHOTS'. Love ya!!
NICOLE JACKSON(non-registered)
Stephanie, that was fantastic especially for a first blog!!! You should post this to Facebook so that everyone can see what an awesome day we had with all the lovely ladies!!! It was so fun watching them put on the feather boas & hats and doing poses for the camera! I had a great time, even though I was "working"!!! I was exhausted too when I got home!
And I really appreciate the shout out for my business!
Denise Fewer(non-registered)
What a lovely commentary! You must have had a wonderful day! Keep up the blog - I look forward to sharing your great experiences Steph!
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